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Oyun Geliştirme Yazılımı Eğitimi – The Game Development Workshop

Eğim Yeri ve Şekli

Sınıf Eğitimi – İstanbul – Göztepe


Eğitim Süresi

5 Gün Toplam 30 Saat


Eğitim Fiyatı

Kişi başı 1500 USD artı KDV


Eğitim Dili

İngilizce ( Türkçe Çeviri Hizmeti Sunulacaktır)


Eğitim İçeriği


Introducing HTML5 Game Engines: Construct 2


Installing Construct 2

Inserting objects

Tiled Background

Add the input objects

The game objects

Adding behaviors

Create some more monsters


Conditions, actions and sub -events

Adding game functionality

Get the player to shoot

The explosion effect

Instance variables

Changing the events

Keeping score

Creating a heads-up display (HUD)

Finishing touches


How to Make a Platformer Game



Installing Construct 2

Getting started

Size the layout

Adding a layer

Adding tiles

Creating scenery from tiles

Enabling snap to grid

Adding the Player sprite


Setting the origin

Loop the animation

Adding behaviors

Adding the Solid behavior

Creating events

ProblemsAdding more animations

Setting up the animation events

Adding an enemy

Moving the enemy

Jump-thru objects




Multi Size Screen

Using a fullscreen mode

Crop mode

Letterbox scale mode

Letterbox integer scale

Scale outer mode

Scale inner mode

A common gotcha – aspect ratios

Keeping the UI or HUD in place

The Anchor behavior

Other useful features

Switching to fullscreen during the game


Touch controls

Mouse input for touch

On-screen touch controls

Alternative touch controls

Detecting input method


Physics in Construct2

How to add Physics


Making the scenery

The other physics properties

General physics tips



Manual movement & other behaviors


Loading Layout

Creative possibilities

How projects load

How to create a loader layout

Showing progress



Loading completing

Changing the default loader



Performance Tips for Mobile Games

Stop the rage

What do?


Patience my apprentice


Export For Mobile Platforms

Cocoon JS

Cross Walk

Phone Gap


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